Ian Hamilton, Company Director at Original Digital Limited (formerly Medical Affairs Global IT for Lilly) and Shai Blackwell, Managing Director, Europe at conversationHEALTH

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on Pharmaceutical Medical Affairs teams, and like many other industries, it has tested their functions in digital maturity, capabilities, tools, and skills. Often driving a rapid re-think and adoption of new or expanded digital solutions. Many experts believe Covid-19 has accelerated digital adoption by as many as 5 years, with no signs of it stopping anytime soon. …

Sheila Patel, Vice President of Business Technology at Capgemini Invent and Richard Marcil, CCO at conversationHEALTH

The era of blockbuster drugs that provide benefit to the general population is dwindling. In the era of blockbuster drugs, clinical research culminated in a phase 3 trial. Today, there are an increasing number of phase 4 trials focusing on specific populations to quantify efficacy. But with the rise of phase 4 clinical trials, are life sciences companies preparing?

Two outsized challenges in clinical trials are recruitment and retention, and intermediaries such as retail pharmacies may well have an advantages over traditional research centers…

Anik Dey, Senior Product Owner - Voice Platform and Jessica Naman, Director of Marketing at conversationHEALTH

In a fast-changing digital world where convenience and efficiency are consistently being optimized, there is a significant increase in demand for voice technologies. According to a survey done by voicebot.ai in 2020, over 87 million Americans have a smart speaker at home — a 32% increase from 2019. Consumers have become digital first when it comes to sourcing information, and this is no different when it comes to health. Health professionals, patients, and consumers want answers to their medical and product questions 24/7/365.


Richard Marcil, CCO at conversationHEALTH and
Sheila Patel, Vice President of Business Technology at Capgemini Invent

Like commercial engagement, medical congresses are forever changed post pandemic. The days of traveling to large, far-flung events will be fewer in 2021–22 as travel remains both limited and painful, and costs are high. But importantly, it’s changing customer behavior that will have the most impact. HCPs have simply become more digital and better connected through the pandemic.

There is little doubt that congresses are valuable to both industry and HCPs. HCPs and thought leaders in particular treat them as a primary source of…

Sheila Patel, Vice President of Business Technology at Capgemini Invent and Richard Marcil, CCO at conversationHEALTH

Not that long ago — prior to COVID — when a patient wanted to participate in a patient assistance program, they often had to print and then fax or mail a paper application, go for an in person visit to complete, fax another form, and then check with a call center to get the status of the application. If the patient made it through this process, they’d receive an acceptance letter by mail and schedule a delivery over the phone. Less than a year…

Richard Marcil, CCO at conversationHEALTH and
Sheila Patel, Vice President of Business Technology at Capgemini Invent

The effectiveness of the traditional commercial model had been eroding for some time and the pandemic brought it to a grinding halt. It was nearly impossible to call on customers in person in 2020 and it will not prove easier in 2021. But not just because of access. Also because of changing customer preference.

The pandemic has fundamentally shifted how we consume and engage digitally, much of it based on real time needs. During office hours, weeknights and weekends. Doesn’t matter. …

Richard Marcil, CCO at conversationHEALTH and
Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO at MyMeds&Me

The world is in a race to vaccinate its population. The USA alone is vaccinating 2.2 million people per day and generating up to 20,000 medical inquiries and safety reports per day for vaccine manufacturers, providers, and health authorities.

This vaccination race comes with a demand for 24/7 access to information to answer patient and HCP inquiries as well as log AE/PCs — around-the-clock, weeknights and weekends. An inability to provide such information would be a breeding ground for vaccine hesitancy, undermining the success of any vaccination drive.

Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer at conversationHEALTH and
Michelle Bridenbaker, Global Medical Information Lead at Idorsia

There’s little doubt that, on the back of COVID-19, business recovery and health professional engagement will be digital. Most challenging has been the reinvention of the Life Sciences Commercial go-to-market model. Adding a new channel here or there won’t fundamentally change HCP engagement or patient access. In fact, we risk overwhelming “new” digital channels like email and remote detailing. There is a big theme and opportunity around virtualizing field teams and building around-the-clock self-service capabilities that extend Commercial engagement as well as bridge to…

Mojdeh Toyserkani, Vice-President of Delivery, conversationHEALTH

Contact centers remain a primary communication channel to deliver Medical Information and Drug safety services to HCPs and patients. Now, most rely on traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems with push button technology and complex menu options. These can confuse customers, instead of directing them toward the answers they are looking for. Fortunately, there’s a better way to lower call center wait times and the associated costs, while providing invaluable customer insight. The answer is Conversational IVR.

What is Conversational IVR?

Conversational IVR provides human-like interactions for personalized, self‑service customer experiences. Powered by Natural…

Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer at conversationHEALTH

2020 tested the tenacity and ingenuity of the Life Sciences industry as the pandemic took hold, raged on and brought much of the world to a grinding halt. Never was the search for therapies and vaccines so urgent, intense and widespread. And the Pharma industry delivered, more rapidly than ever before.

2021 will further challenge the industry in the first half of the year, specifically distribution, customer education and clinical insights. …


The conversationHEALTH SaaS platform is purpose-built for the life sciences industry to engage with patients, consumers and healthcare professionals 24/7/365.

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