Managing the volume of COVID vaccine inquiries: Are you ready?

Richard Marcil, CCO at conversationHEALTH and
Dr. Andrew Rut, CEO at MyMeds&Me

The world is in a race to vaccinate its population. The USA alone is vaccinating 2.2 million people per day and generating up to 20,000 medical inquiries and safety reports per day for vaccine manufacturers, providers, and health authorities.

This vaccination race comes with a demand for 24/7 access to information to answer patient and HCP inquiries as well as log AE/PCs — around-the-clock, weeknights and weekends. An inability to provide such information would be a breeding ground for vaccine hesitancy, undermining the success of any vaccination drive.

Using the USA and UK vaccine distribution rates as benchmarks for vaccine related information inquiries and safety reporting, we have extrapolated inquiry expectations for key G12 countries. See infographic below for more details:

Readily available vaccine information provides reassurance, rapid uptake and prompt reporting. However, based on the current number of call volumes, hiring enough live agents is not a feasible option to keep up with the demand that Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance teams are facing. Without a viable solution in place, vaccine manufacturers can expect contact centers to become overloaded, and are at a real risk of backlogging inquiries and AE/PCs.

It is clear that digital capabilities are needed to absorb and process outsized inquiry volume, and that humans and digital need to work together closely to integrate workflows. The quicker this is mastered by vaccine manufacturers, the quicker clinical data is processed to address vaccine hesitancy.

A self-service digital platform, immediately accessible by HCPs, patients, and caregivers to address medical inquiries and capture safety data, can reduce the burden on medical call centers and allow them to focus on more complex inquiries.

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